These Photos Of Dogs In Action That Will Make You Do A Double-Take

We all know and are familiar with the basic actions of our dogs. From catching toys and treats to diving and swimming, dogs are capable of a lot of feats. But what exactly is going through their minds at those exact moments? Some of the following photos might explain. It seems like a piece of cake in the moment, but when you really look, it seems like a struggle!

So Close You Can Almost Taste It


Look at this little nugget, eyes wide with excitement over the near-accomplished goal of retrieving this toy, never mind that it was thrown into the water. It seems as if this dog is unfazed by the fact that she is completely submerged. She will not breathe until she catches the toy anyway!

Ahhh! Don’t Sink To The Bottom, My Precious!


The concept of underwater dog photography became popular thanks to photographer Seth Casteel, who has become famous for capturing amazing images of dogs’ faces as they dive into the water. Casteel told Business Insider he prepares for the snap by holding his breath for 90 seconds while sitting in the pool.

This Ball Is No Match For Me!


The results are these incredible (albeit somewhat haunting) photos. Casteel also says he uses toys at different weights to get the shot he needs. His photos have become so popular, he has gotten requests from 25 different countries. “They want to fly me in just for a photoshoot. It’s unbelievable,” Casteel told Business Insider.

What do these photos actually look like in action?

The Inside Of A Dog’s Mouth Is Its Own Wonder


To get an idea of these shots in action, check out this awesome gif! This doggo appears to have already started swimming by the time she jumped in the water. It seems as if the water accentuates how big the dogs actually open their mouths to grab something.

Dogs Can Do Things With Grace Too!


Photographer Jill Reger actually dabbled with this photography concept back in the ’90s, when digital photography wasn’t quite as advanced. “At that time, digital photography was just coming in, and a lot of photographers thought my photos were computer-generated,” Reger told Business Insider.

She Will Not Resurface Without Accomplishing The Goal


Many of Reger’s images show how graceful dogs can be when diving underwater, as opposed to the striking images of the dogs’ faces up close. Just look at how this dog swims just close enough to the bottom to grab the toy, before making a swift exit. Dogs have to breathe too!

Wait until you see how crazy dogs look after a dip in the pool!

Corgis Look Like They Are Walking In Water


Sometimes you don’t really think about it, but there’s a reason one of the swim methods we learn is called a doggy paddle. Just look at the way this corgi is swimming on the surface! Adorable to say the least, but we wonder how those tiny legs are getting him anywhere!

We Can Only Imagine How This Feels For A Dog


Dogs aren’t just hilarious when they dive underwater! Check out this dog who is shaking off excess water after a bath. Photographer Cali Davidson noticed this phenomenon and shared it with her project, Shake. It’s a wonder how much extra skin dogs have that can move as freely as it does!

The Look Of Anguish Is Probably From All That Water


This dog looks especially distressed that his face is moving like that. Actually, we feel slightly distressed just looking at it, but this dog probably doesn’t notice. In fact, he probably feels a huge sense of relief from shaking off all that water! In real time we wouldn’t think anything of the action, but these photos give us a whole different perspective.

Coming up, what can happen when a dog starts running too fast?

Close, But Not Quite


Let’s face it, dogs can be hilarious in no matter what they’re doing so long as someone is there to capture the moment! This dog was a little off in his calculations for this game of fetch. He missed by a small margin but the look on his face tells us the loss is much greater than it needs to be.

Help! I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!


BSIP/UIG via Getty Images

It looks like this Border Collie forgot how to have legs! Actually, this Border Collie was captured mid-roll and the look of determination on her face shows us that it was an intense command that she knew if done perfectly, she’d be handsomely rewarded with her favorite treats!

When You Want To Play But Not Get Dirty


This dog was caught in the midst of catching a frisbee, but it looks as if he is trying not to get hit with it! We wonder if he was even successful in catching it since he doesn’t look like he’s in a perfect position to catch it in his mouth!

He might not have caught the frisbee, but another dog will show him how it’s done!

When You Find Out Your Wife’s In Labor


Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images

This dog was enjoying a nice day at the park when he got a notice that his wife was going into labor. Look at the urgency in his eyes! All jokes aside, this is actually Basco, a U.S. Border Patrol dog chasing down “bad guys” at the Police Service Dogs competition in 2015.

When You Feel Bad But You’re Only Doing What You Were Asked


Speaking of police dogs, check out this dog who is helping out in a demonstration by attacking the “bad guy.” The look of anguish in this dog’s eyes seems to say, “I’m sorry I’m about to bite your arm sir, but I was trained to and you asked me to do it and I really want that treat so here goes nothing!”

This Dog Is Tired Of Your Mundane Tricks


This dog might have some tips for the others since he really knows how to catch a frisbee. However, look at how macho he is being about it. The seriousness in his eyes shows us that he knows what he’s doing and can’t be caught in a compromising position, but alas, here we are.

However, some dogs are beyond your silly awkward photos…

The Dog Who Got His Legs Confused


Some dogs move so fast that it’s a wonder how they get around smoothly when they have four legs to trip over! Check out those legs in action! This awkward photo makes it seem as if this dog is only running with his two front paws since his hind legs refuse to touch the ground.

This Must Be What It’s Like To Be A Dog Toy

giphy (2).gif

As lovable as dogs are, they can be pretty awkward in a lot of the things they do. Look how uncomfortable this dog looks swimming down to pick up a camera. Considering their bodies aren’t as flexible as a human’s it’s a wonder how they accomplish these things so seamlessly.

Some Dogs Are Just Complete Mysteries


Still, dogs are amazing creatures that can do anything with the calm and fortitude that only a dog can. This Afghan hound certainly knows how to take an awkward photo op and use it to their advantage. These majestic creatures will not be made into a mockery!

The Look Just Before Disappointment


This dog was captured while trying to catch a treat, thanks to German photographer Christian Vieler. Vieler’s technique is to capture the exact moment when the dog either catches the treat or fails miserably. The expressions on the dog’s faces are worth a thousand words, as you can see.

The Look Of Success


Vieler told Bored Panda, “Every shoot I am looking for that specific moment when the dog is looking as cute or funny as they can be. That cannot be seen without the power of freezing motion – dog’s faces with magnificent lineaments, telling us stories of panic, desire and joy.”