They took their puppy to the shelter to pick a new friend — check out who she chose

Dog chooses cat as new best friend

Woodhouse the kitten was recently adopted and she was chosen by a puppy named Raven.

Raven’s owners brought her along to the shelter so he could help pick out a new friend — whom they assumed would be another dog.

Once Raven arrived at the shelter with her owners, she chose Woodhouse almost immediately. 

cat and dog playing together

They decided to adopt the cat because Raven got along so good with them.

cat and dog are best friends

Raven and Woodhouse are now inseparable. As if the kitten recognizes that she was personally chosen by the puppy. 

Cat and dog love each other

They are together all the time. 

Puppy and cat are best friends

Look at these two adorable faces. How can you not love this pair. 

inseperable cat and dog

They love to cuddle together while they nap. 

cat and puppy cuddling

Look at these two goofballs. So Cute!

Smiling dog and cat friend

It’s amazing that the puppy chose a cat as her best friend, but judging from these photos, she wouldn’t have it any other way.