This Dog Spent 2,381 Days In The Shelter Before Finding A Home

The Humane Society of Preble County in Ohio finds “fur-ever” homes for about 30 dogs a month. One of those dogs defied the numbers, but not in a good way. Higgins, a German shepherd mix, had been in their shelter for more than 6 years.

It’s not easy for any dog to spend most of their life behind bars, but Higgins never lost hope. After 2,381 days, one man with a big heart finally brought Higgins home for the most heartwarming reason.

Higgins Was Just A Puppy When He First Arrived At The Shelter

higgins the dog preble county shelter
Humane Society of Preble County/Facebook
Humane Society of Preble County/Facebook

Higgins first became a resident of the Preble County shelter when he was just a puppy. He was quickly adopted out and the shelter was happy that yet another dog had found a forever home.

Sadly, his first home was less than ideal. The shelter staff was told he was chained up to a dog house for 24 hours a day. Higgins returned to the shelter a year later as a stray and no one ever came looking for him.