This grumpy cat found during a home inspection gets adopted, hates every second of it

Grumpy Cat Adopted

A grumpy cat in Sarasota, Florida was discovered during a recent home inspection without any food and water.

The cat approached the home inspector, meowing at them as if begging for something.

The inspector found a mango lying on the ground and tried to feed the poor little kitten. The cat immediately hated the food.

The cat’s face suggested that it wasn’t happy to see the inspector or anyone else for that matter — yet the kitty stuck around for the entire inspection.

“At the end of it all, owing to the fact that the tenants were out, all their stuff was gone, and the owner had never lived in the house, the inspector decided to take him home,” Paul told Love Meow.

“In Florida, alligators/hawks/eagles/owls/snakes can take these little guys in a flash and he needed a home.”

They named the grumpy orange cat, Garfield, and he looks like he despises everything.

Maybe he’s at least happy to have a human to own.

We asked him if he’s happy. Here was his response:









A very grumpy cat gets adopted