This Man Was Frozen in His Tracks When He Tried to Help a Lost Dog Wandering Alone

Life can be funny. Sometimes, what you think you know turns out to be absolutely, incredibly, and mind-bogglingly wrong. That’s exactly what happened to Tyler Wilson when he spotted what he thought was a lonely dog wandering the streets alone. When he went to help the poor pooch, he learned the truth, and it left him frozen in his tracks. The story you’re about to read will surprise you and then leave you smiling, just like it left Tyler on that fateful day.

Can you guess the plot twist?

A Routine Gas Stop

dew the dog tyler wilson gas station
Tyler Wilson/Twitter

Tyler Wilson stopped to get gas near his home in Kentucky when our story begins. While filling up his tank, he saw a lost dog wandering around the lot. Wilson instantly became concerned for the dog’s well-being.

The area the gas station was located in was not a safe place for a dog to be alone. Heavy traffic meant crossing the street could be deadly. Tyler felt like he had to do something.