This Photo-Friendly Wedding Invitation Is Nuts

When two photographers decide to get married, we aren’t surprised that their wedding invitation arrives in some type of artsy form. However, what Kyle and Katie did is beyond words… so we will show you.

The couple’s DIY wedding invitation utilizes 35mm film canisters instead of a traditional paper notices.

Katie and Kyle started with traditional 35mm film rolls (remember those?).

Kodak Wedding Invitation

The couple cut out 10-inch strips of paper and attached them to a small piece of left over film strip inside of each canister.

Each strip features the word PULL so invitees know what to do. Here’s a closeup look.

Kodak Wedding Invitation Creation

Did you notice the homage to the original Kodak film canister? The lettering is perfect.

Inventive Wedding Invitation Really Cool Wedding Invitation

Here is the final result of the photo perfect wedding invitation.

The RSVP card was even designed to look just like an old-fashioned developing slip. The couple had A LOT of work ahead of them, this wasn’t exactly a small wedding, which meant a lot of canisters and RSVP cards had to be created and mailed. 

Awesome Wedding InvitationWedding Reservation SlipKodak Wedding Invitation

I went with a very simple and traditional wedding invitation. In this case Kyle and Katie went with something that probably took longer to complete than the actual wedding.

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