Unusual And Unexpected ‘Gifts’ That Cats Brought To Their Owners

Cats are natural born hunters. It’s also common for them to take care of themselves and their extended family, which includes us humans. That’s why they sometimes deliver unappetizing and unusual gifts to their loved ones.

We’ve compiled a list of weird presents some silly cats have brought to their owners. They range from articles of clothing to cleaning supplies to gifts from nature. Some of these felines are very creative when it comes to the gifts they come up with…

Several Pairs Of Socks


Many cats are very independent and are able to entertain themselves without a problem. Other cats require a lot of attention from their owners. According to this cat’s parent, "My cat brings me socks whenever I don’t pay attention to her to try to win my approval."

The socks look worn and dirty, so it’s likely that she dug throughout the laundry basket to locate them and take them to her owner. She’s making a statement. We don’t know exactly what that statement is, but she’s saying it loud and clear.

Next: a cat that must think its human likes to cook.

A Torn & Tattered Potholder


This cat has a very satisfied look on his face. He brought his human a present! The owner posted the image online with the caption, "My cat took this mitten out of the drawer, and brought it to me as a gift!" It looks like a potholder that’s a little worse for wear.

It’s unclear whether the potholder was previously damaged or the cat had a little fun ripping it apart. Either way, he somehow managed to open a drawer and pull the potholder out all on his own.

A Leaf A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

baloo the cat brings her owner a leaf every day

How’s this for a cat gift? Baloo the cat has quite a hobby for herself. She brings her human, a student named Ben, a pretty leaf every single day. Baloo and Ben live in student housing along with six men and their girlfriends, and she seems to thrive on all the activity.

Occasionally, Baloo’s wild streak will come out and she’ll bring Ben something less pretty than a leaf, like little birds or mice. Ben prefers receiving his daily leaves.

This isn’t the only leaf-loving cat we found!

A Car Wash Sponge


Here’s another cat that also appears delighted by his prize. The owner wrote of the gift: "Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges…" It’s a rather large sponge that looks like it’s intended for washing a car or some other large object.

We can imagine this cat just nonchalantly strolling over to the neighbor’s house and stealing the sponge while the guy is scrubbing down his truck. When he turns around, the sponge is gone. There’s a reason why the term "cat burglar" is in the English vernacular.

A Deflated Balloon


This cat may be related to the one who enjoys bringing his owner plastic grocery bags. His owner notes, "My wife and I started feeding a stray cat. He likes to bring us presents. Normally it’s a dead mouse, or a chicken bone, etc. Today he showed up with this, no idea how he got it."

Everybody likes getting balloons. It’s just not very common for a cat to be the one who does the gifting. This balloon is a bit deflated, but the sentiment is there. Who needs balloons for just birthdays, anyway?

A Hot Dog Wiener


If your cat is going to bring you a snack, he could do a whole lot worse than a hot dog wiener. This little guy is waiting not-so-patiently at the screen door to bring in his spoils. We’re not entirely sure that the hot dog is solely for its human.

Do cats even like hot dogs? And where did he get it in the first place? It’s amusing to think he probably swiped it off someone’s BBQ tray. The cook probably never knew how he lost a hot dog between the kitchen and the grill.

Plastic Grocery Bags


This cat’s human writes, "This morning at 5am my cat gave me a present of plastic grocery bags. It didn’t wake me up so he must have thought that I didn’t approve. So, he woke me up by laying a foil sheet (covering my toaster) on my pillow next to my face, promptly waking me up. I’m very loved by my kitty!"

That’s one way to get an owner’s attention. It’s a good thing that cat didn’t inadvertently cover his human’s face with plastic bags, otherwise there could have been some unintended (and possibly deadly) consequences.

A Rare-Colored Moth


Cats love to chase moving objects. Have you ever played with a cat using a light pointer? They go crazy. Unfortunately, they can never truly catch the light. Then there’s this cat. The owner wrote, "My cat brought me the gift of moth in a color I’ve never seen in 38 years."

What’s great about this is that the moth is apparently a rare shade of yellow. So, the cat has introduced his human to an insect he’s never seen before. Unfortunately, it appears like the moth is dead.

Henry The Cat Presents His Toy Mouse Every Single Day


Cats love toys. They’re very playful creatures who require stimulus to live happy, fulfilling lives. Well, this little guy has a lot of fun with a mouse toy. His owner writes, "Meet Henry. He presents me with this toy mouse every morning claiming a successful night’s work."

Henry obviously is very proud of his daily "catch." And it’s really cute how he greets his owner each morning with the mouse. Perhaps he’s compensating for not being able to hunt live creatures. Somehow, a mouse toy is a perfect substitute.

A Leaf From A Tree


This little guy has a bit of a frenzied look on his face. Cats have all kinds of personalities, and this one is obviously a little intense. According to his owner, "He likes to hunt leaves and bring them to his human." There is a certain appeal in leaf hunting.

Leaves fall from trees and blow all over the yard, making them moving prey. Of course a kitty would have fun chasing them around and trapping one. And what owner wouldn’t be proud of receiving such a gift even if they’re plentiful in the front yard?

A Cracker


Some cats have some really strange behaviors. In addition to playing with odd objects, some of them also eat weird things. Take this cat. The owner explains, "My cat found me an unattended cracker and brought it to me so I could hold it for her while she eats it."

This is a cat who knows what it wants, which entails being hand fed. Some cats do have that royal type of attitude. They feel like they deserve to be treated like kings and queens with their humans waiting on them and taking care of their every need.

A Tiny Live Snake


Now this isn’t something most people would want to find in their homes. This cat has proudly produced an itty bitty snake for his human. It looks like the reptile is alive and well, making it a particularly vibrant gift. Notice the cat’s eyes. They’re bright and have a look of expectation in them.

It’s as though the cat is thinking, "Hey, human. Look at this great snake I brought for you. Don’t you like it?" No, cat. We don’t like it. And we don’t want a live snake slithering inside our home.

A Present From Under The Christmas Tree


If you can make friends with your girlfriend’s cat, then you’re in. It appears that this kitty is pleased with his human’s boyfriend, who explains, "So I’m in the bathroom and open the door to find my gf cat bought me a gift from the tree downstairs."

It appears that this happened around Christmastime, and the cat carefully selected a present from under the tree to give to his human’s significant other. This is a big step in any relationship. If the cat likes you, then that’s a good sign.

An Italian Cat Named Toldo Brought Gifts To It’s Owner’s Grave For Over A Year


A gray and white cat named Toldo had a hard time letting go after his owner, Iozzelli Renzo, died in 2011. The cat lived in Montagnana, northern Italy, and spent every day visiting Renzo’s grave. He also brought several gifts to the cemetery to show his love for Renzo.

The gifts included leaves (see the trend here?), sticks, twigs, as well as household items such as plastic cups and paper towels. People would tell Renzo’s widow, Ada, about the cat’s daily visits to the gravestone. It all started the day after the funeral when the cat followed the coffin from the house to the cemetery.

More of Toldo’s story is coming up next.

Toldo Was Not Deterred Even After People Threw Stones At Him


According to Ada, her husband and Toldo were very close. Renzo adopted him from a cat colony when Toldo was only three months old. But not everyone liked Toldo’s presence. Some people tried to chase him away by throwing stones at him.

Despite the negativity, Toldo continued to visit the grave and leave offerings for his human. "My husband was very affectionate with him. Renzo loved animals. It’s almost as if Toldo would be grateful. He is a special cat, one can not help liking him, " Ada told La Nazione.

…And Another Cat With A Leaf Habit


As we noted previously, some cats love chasing things and it doesn’t matter what it is. Here’s another case of a cat bringing her human some leaves. "Instead of a dead bird or mouse, my cat decides to bring us gifts of leaves. She’s been doing this for years," the owner notes.

For whatever reason, the cat truly believes her owner is delighted by leaf presents. She’s been "leaving" these little gifts for her mama for years. It must give her some satisfaction because it’s become quite the habit. Perhaps it’s an addiction?

More Socks and Pants


Perhaps it’s the scent of socks that get some cats all excited. Here’s another instance of a kitty who tries to please its human with clothing. According to the owner, "My cat brings me gifts of pants and socks!" We don’t see any pants in the picture, but some of the items resemble underwear.

We’re not exactly sure why a cat would be attracted to the smell of dirty socks. Maybe it’s the size of the item that truly compels them to present it as a gift. They’re easily portable. As for pants, carrying them would be a true feat for a feline of any size.

A Sign Of Love And Trust


It’s quite common for cats to bring small animals and rodents to their humans. This owner explains, "My cats bring in mice and birds as gifts. They actually do this because they think that their humans can’t hunt for themselves so they’re trying to feed you 🙂 this is a sign of love and trust in the cat family."

In other words, if your cat has never brought you a dead (or nearly dead) animal, then you’re not quite part of the pack. Only when you’ve received such a great gift from a cat can you truly call him family.

A Roast Potato


Cats may or may not realize that their owners have different diets than they do. But perhaps they want to please you by gifting you with food they know you’ll eat? According to this cat owner, "You know how cats usually bring you dead animals as gifts? Mine brought me a roast potato."

The sentiment is there. This cat obviously knows that his owner would love a gift, so why not give him something he’ll like eating? The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Blue Yarn


Notice the pattern of cats giving their owners presents in the morning? This pretty grey fur ball is apparently quite inventive. According to her owner, "My cat often brings me gifts in the morning. Today some blue yarn she hunted down in the living room."

We can’t think of a better gift. It’s soft and pliable and easy to carry. Plus, it’s fun to play with and won’t scratch your eyes. We like how the owner describes it as yarn "she hunted down." Obviously the cat had to work hard to beat that piece of fabric into submission.

A Winged Insect


It’s apparent that cats are not very particular when it comes to the gifts they like to give to their humans. Look at this guy’s eyes. He still has his hunting face on. And firmly grasped between his teeth is some sort of large, winged insect.

His gift is twofold. First, he is protecting his human (and himself) from an annoying flying creature. Second, he’s presenting the insect as a gift. Because who wouldn’t want a smashed insect as a present? In the end, and as all elementary school kids know, it’s the thought that matters.