100-Year-Old Grandma can’t Stop Dancing to Bruno Mars

Age is just a number. We’re reminded of that fact every day at GiveItLove. From young children who perform amazing acts of generosity to the elderly who prove you can have fun regardless of your age, we get to witness a lot of amazing and awe-inspiring moments.

One of our favorite moments in recent memory is that of Elisabeth Cockrell. She became an internet celebrity overnight after a video captured the centenarian dancing on her 100th birthday.

Not only was she dancing — but her dance choice was pretty amazing. This hip grandma was getting down to Bruno Mars!

Her 50-yr-old grandson Daron Anderson, was lucky enough to catch her now viral dance.

“She got to the door and the music started playing, she just went,” Anderson told NBC News. “She’s vivacious. Nobody expected my grandma to do that, I was just so thankful.”

After Anderson posted the video to his Facebook page, a local radio station picked up the story which went viral overnight.

Cockrell admits that she doesn’t understand what it means to be “Internet Famous” but she can definitely but a move to Bruno Mars’ “24 Magic.”

Check out her dance moves in the video below.