12 Years After Giving Birth To His Child, Woman Meets Her Boyfriend

Many people are searching for love. Whether they are openly looking for a partner or going with the flow hoping that the universe blesses them with someone who speaks their language, it’s a journey many embark on in their lives. One woman shares her epic story of how she found her person. Jessica Share revealed a story that unfolded over 12 years. In one of the most exciting plots you’ve ever heard, here’s how one woman found the love of her life years after anonymously giving birth to his child.

In The Beginning

Jessica Share/Facebook
Jessica Share/Facebook

Years ago, Jessica Share was in a same-sex relationship and the couple really wanted to have children. Of course, doing so wouldn’t be an easy task for the couple, but it was something they had always dreamed about.

“Ever since we’d met we had dreamed about having kids together,” Share said. “We decided on four and together we chose their names. The next step was more difficult.” The two of them had come up with ideas on how to build their family.