15 Husbands Who Hilariously Failed At Following Their Wives Simple Directions

As a husband, I can attest to the fact that I sometimes royally screw up my wife’s simple instructions. However, I typically do not make the type of mistakes these husbands made.

From accidentally packing Fancy Feast cat food in their wife’s lunch, to “hacking” apart a birthday card for use at a baby shower, these husband fails prove that guys really don’t listen or understand what their wives want… much of the time.

“So, I told my husband 2 get us a nice LITTLE dog abt 2yrs ago. 2yrs later…this is the pup. He’s not done growing.”

Small Dog Buying - Husband Fail

 This husband bought this card for a baby shower. He had to modify it.   “Going to see college friends. I asked my husband how I looked. He said I looked the same as I look every day. #Men #IsThatCodeForAmazing”

Husband Fails Birthday Card
Husband Fails at Complimenting Wife