15 Toddler Text Messages That Make Us Wish Little Kids Had Phones

Toddlers can be really clever. My own daughter spends a larger portion of her day attempting to find new and inventive ways to outsmart daddy. Because she is a toddler, she also gives away her own tricks much of the time because of her need to speak her mind.

Imagine what would happen if Toddlers were able to read and write in full sentences and were then given access to a smartphone.

The following 15 toddler text messages had me in stitches.

1. Diaper Is Off. Now What Mommy?

Diaper Is Off - If Toddlers Texted
Via: If Toddlers Texted

2. Toddler Text Message to Caillou.

Taylor Swift Shake It Off Toddler version
Via: If Toddlers Texted

3. Grandma Isn’t Talking to You? Now You Know Why.

Toddler Texting the Honest Truth To Grandma
Via: If Toddlers Texted

4. Toddler Advice From Caillou.

Todderl Texting Advice from Caillou
Via: If Toddlers Texted

5. What If The Toddler And Kitty Cat Had Smartphones?

Toddler Texting A Kitty Cat
Via: If Toddlers Texted

6. Toddler and The Frozen Text Message.

Toddler Inviting Elsa to their Birthday Party Over Text Message
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7. Mommy Lied About Potty Training on Facebook.

8. Are You Sleeping Mommy? How About Now?

Toddler Text Messaging
Via: If Toddlers Texted

9. Do You Take Bribes Santa?

Toddler Texting for a bribe
If Toddlers Texted

10. Eating Cereal In A Diaper.

Toddler Eating Cereal in a diaper text message
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11. Elf On The Shelf Lays Down The Law.

Toddler Texting to Elf On The Shelf
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12. Caillou Is A Popular Text Messaging Subject For Toddlers.

Toddler Texting Wake Up Call
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13. Daddy Did You Know About Mommy’s Secret Credit Card?

Honest Toddler Text
Via: If Toddlers Texted

14. Mommy I Made A Plumbing Mistake.

Plunging Problem - If Toddlers Could Text
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15. Grandma Needs Some Mommy Intervention.

Mcdonalds for dinner - If Toddlers Could Text
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You can read more Text Messages sent by Toddlers on the hilarious Tumblr page located HERE.