16 Dogs Who Are Terrible At Playing Hide And Seek

When dogs and puppies attempt to play hide and seek the actual rules of the game seem lost on them. Some dogs attempt to hide their entire bodies, while others seem to think that a piece of toilet paper is the perfect camouflage for their big bodies. Check out these hilarious four-legged friends as they prove that dogs are pretty awful at playing hide and seek.

1. You have to cover your whole body silly dog.

Dog Trying To Hide
Via: Viral Paws

2. If they don’t find me, at least I have food.

3. The lazy game of hide and seek.

4. Almost figured it out.

5. Dogs really love to hide in the couch cushions.

6. Hiding behind curtains is a dog favorite.

7. Good luck getting out of your hiding spot little guy.

8. Catching up on some reading.

9. Yes another couch used as a hiding place.

10. The dog in the cupboard.

Dog Hiding In A Drawer
Via: Pleated Jeans

11. This dog looks guilty of something.

12. Hiding or in time out?

13. I am a master of camouflage.

14. Stuck in a tight hiding spot.

15. The mirror and his snout give him away.

Dog Hiding Behind Corner
Via: Imgur

16. It took me a second to spot this little guy.

Dogs might not be the best at hide and seek, but their choices in hiding spots definitely give us a good laugh.