18 Cats Who Hate Christmas Costumes And Christmas Trees

Cats like to do their own thing. They like to sleep when they want, hang out where they want, and they don’t need some stupid owner telling them how to live their lives. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these cats were NOT happy when their owners dressed them in Santa costumes and Elf costumes in order to show some holiday cheer.

Admittedly I wouldn’t want to be placed inside of a forced costume to celebrate Christmas either.

Read to the end and you will even see a nice video compilation that features the age-old battle between cats and Christmas trees.

Here are 18 Cats who really hate Christmas and Christmas Trees:

1. Angry Santa Cat Clause.

Angry Cat in Santa Hat
Via: Great Will Of China

As Grumpy Cat likes to say — “ho ho no.” This cat doesn’t look thrilled with the idea of wearing a Santa hat but at least she isn’t a feral cat living in the freezing cold during the winter months. I know plenty of people who make this same face throughout the holidays.