These 19 Kids Really Didn’t Like News Of A Sibling

When another baby is on the way it can be a time of great joy. With that being said, these soon-to-be big brothers and big sisters, didn’t react with the type of joy their parents were hoping for.

Some of the responses from this siblings are sad and some of them are just really funny.

From viral photos and viral pictures, it is easy to see why these uploads have been shared all over the internet.

Let’s start with the highly popular Baby Crib eviction notices. Read each notice for a good laugh.

1. Baby crib eviction notice.

2. But I don’t want to vacate my crib. 

Another Crib Eviction notice for older sibling
Baby Eviction - Another Kid on the way

3. 27 Weeks is plenty of time to find a new bed.

Baby Eviction in Crib

4. 33 Weeks to find a new crib? That seems like a good deal.

Baby is not happy about news of sibling

5. The sonogram photo is rubbing it in a bit too much.

Not Happy About Sibling

6. An angry kid with an eviction notice taped to his crib.

baby on the way bums out sibling

7. But I like my crib.

Funny Baby Eviction Notice posted on Crib

It’s not all about the crib evictions. Here are some other angry kids who just learned they are going to be big brothers and sisters.

8. I like being an only child. 9. Baby reveal gone wrong. 

Another Kid on the Way - Baby Crying

10. A lesson this baby never wanted.

11. Only Child: Expires June 3rd. 12. Mommy’s big secret doesn’t go off well with this young boy.

Baby on the way for sibling humor
Little Girl Does Not Want A Sibling

13. The middle child isn’t that bad is it?

Middle Child To Be - Baby on the way - funny

14. This boy was really hoping for a puppy.

New of a sibling does not sit well

15. But maybe you will finally get a little brother!

Older Sibling Not Happy About Baby on the Way

16. Only Child: Expiring April 2015.

Only Child Expiration Notice

17. This girl looks exhausted from the good news.

Sibling on the way - Humor

18. I love that he attacked the board with chalk.

Sibling on the way and baby is not happy

19. He’s probably sad because his shirt says he will be expiring.

Soon To Be Oldest Child

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