20 Cool And Creative Crafts You Can Make With Your Kids

Creating art with your kids can be a great way to bond and make lasting memories. Kids love crafts, and I’m sure your kids will love these crazy craft ideas. Keep reading to discover crafts for kids of all ages. The next time you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, or your kids are complaining about being bored, have them make some Playdough or a Minion bowling set.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even rediscover your own inner child.

Wax Resist Art

Photo Credit: shaunna_evans / Reddit
Photo Credit: shaunna_evans / Reddit

All you need to make this super cool spider web is some watercolor paper, white crayons or oil pastels, watercolor paint, and some salt.

Draw any design you’d like on your watercolor paper with the white crayon or pastel. We think this spider web design works particularly well, but you can draw whatever you want. Then paint over your design with watercolor paint. You can sprinkle some salt over your creation when you’re done. The salt will absorb the water and create a cool speckled effect.