20 Times When Cats Just Weren’t Having It And Demanded Their Space

Cats do their own thing and they don’t care if you like it or not. With their independence these cats are not afraid to show their owners and other people that they don’t need constant love and affection. If you own a cat you are probably familiar with at least a few of these cat moves.

1. Leave Me Alone Human.

Cat ignores human
Via: Ebaumsworld

2. Ewww Human Kisses.

Cat Hates Human Kisses
Via: WiffleGif


Cat Hisses At Potential Human Kiss
Via: Vimeo

4. You can Not Escape From Me Humans.

do not leave me humans
Via: Reddit

5. How To InjurE A Human In One Easy Step.

Cat Knocks TV on Humans Head
Via: HuffingtonPost

6. Cats Will Suffocate You.

Cat Attempting to Suffocate Their Owner
Via: YouTube

7. Keep Your Hands Away From Me Human.

Cat Knocks Humans Hand Down
Via: 1065 The Lake

8. Cats Will Run Away From Our Efforts At Affection.

Stay Away From Me Human
Via: Imgur

9. I will Destroy Your Stuff.

Another Cat That Hates Their Humans Stuff
Via: BlogSpot

10. EWWW A HUman’s Face Is Touching ME.

Cat Avoids Human Gives Hilarious Face
Via: Imgur

11. Cats Will Punch You IN THe Face.

Cat Punches Human In Face
Via: LikeGif

12. They Will Even Attack Your Reflection… Because Cats!!!

Cat Attacks Humans In the Mirror
Via: Imgur

13. A Punch To the Face? How AboUT TWo?

Cats Push Away from a hug
Via: Distractify

14. You Get No More Pizza Silly Human.

15. Get Your Stuff Away From Me Human.

16. ARGH. A Human Is Touching Me. HELP!!!

Evil Cat Goes After Owner
Via: The Meta Picture

17. I want to Die. This Is So Humiliating.

Awful Human Pictures
Via: ThatMutt

18. I destroy things because they belong to Humans.

19. Don’t Kiss Me Human.

Cat Avoids Girls Kiss
Via: Reddit

20. That’s Enough Human, I’M Done With Your Affection.

Cat Swaps Hand Away
Via: Imgur

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