21 Really Creepy Kids Toys That Will Give You Nightmares

Do you want to give your child the worst nightmares of their lives? Probably not. But if you buy them any of these toys, there is a good chance that they will be more than a little bit creeped out.

I’ll admit it, if I was to receive these toys as an adult, I would also probably have nightmares too.

At Give It Love we focus on positive and inspirational posts, but sometimes it’s the creepy stuff that gives us the biggest, yet most uncomfortable laughs… in a really surreal way.

Take a look at the full list, and let us know which one freaks you out the most.

1. Just take my money and go away.

2. Too Young For Phallic Toys?

3. I’m Having Daymares from this toy.

4. Narwhal Death Toy!

5. E.T. Finger Light – Yet another Phallic toy.

6. This Toy Is Just. I Can’t… OMG.

7. A Toy for the Arian Nation.

8. I Don’t Even Know How to Explain this creepy toy.

9. Oreo Barbie? So wrong on so many levels.

10. Pregnant Barbie? Even The Baby Looks Creeped Out.

11. Hey Look, Zombie Ewok’s.

Really Creepy Childs Toy

12. I think this might be racist. Thoughts?

13. They should have called this “Daddy Issues Barbie.”

14. This is ummm… Interesting.

15. Another Creepy Toy I simply can’t explain.

16. A Pregnant Baby Toy? Just No. No. No.

17. A Dora The Explorer Phallic Toy.

18. At least it doesn’t have vibrating action.

19. Teaches an important life lesson in a really Creepy way.

20. Winnie the Pooh adult toy? A little too phallic.

21. Sorry Kids… Daddy refuses to blow up your toy.

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