21-Year-Old Holds The Record As The Youngest To Visit Every Country In The World

21-year-old California-native Lexie Alford is claiming to be the youngest person ever to visit every country in the world, and it seems like it might actually be true.

Her adventures around the world have earned her an impressive 260K Instagram followers, and in May 2019, Lexie stepped foot in North Korea which marked her 196th country visited. Just take a second to think about how impressive visiting 196 countries in 21 years is, more than half of which were visited in the last three years. Here’s how she managed it…

How It Started

Lexie Alford (Instagram @lexielimitless) says she started saving for her goal at the age of 12. The goal was to visit all 196 sovereign nations on earth, and on her blog she writes that she beat the Guinness World Record for Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country by over three years.

Halstatt, Austria - Lexie Alfrod
Photo Credit: Instagram / @lexielimitless
Photo Credit: Instagram / @lexielimitless

By clarifying “sovereign nation” Lexie was exempt from being required to visit places such as Ghana or Saudi Arabia if she didn’t want to, though she may have made a few stops along the way anyways.