25 Amazing Cake Fails That Will Make You Question Our Education System

Typically when you order a cake you give very clear directions and the cake decorator designs exactly what you want. Unfortunately, these 25 people didn’t quite get what they were expecting.

From taking cake directions way to literally, to creating cakes that look nothing like they should, these cake fails are horrible and hilarious at the same time.

This is just an awkward cake fail.

A Funny Cake Fail

This was as small as they could get?

This Cake fail was created from a literal message. The cake design was ON the USB Drive. LOL. This looks kinda crappy, literally.  Education Fail and a Cake Fail Rolled Into One. 

A Great Cake Fail
Awesome and Funny Cake Fail
Awesome Cake Fail Humor
Awesome Cake Fail
Awesome Fails - Cake

This Rubber Ducky cake is creepy.

Buzz Lightyear? Hardly. Nancy was the only word this cake needed. Another cake that took directions way too literally. Please proofread this cake.  Maybe this cake decorator couldn’t draw very well.  Maybe the baby was really pink when they arrived. They wanted sprinkles, but didn’t get them.  Creepy rabbit cake fail.We love how Sprinkles was written out instead of added. She wanted a CAP on her head. Is his cake a person or a fish? This is an awkward family cake.  In all fairness fireworks seem unsafe on a cake. Oh someone had a weeding! We Remember but we never Rember. The most honest cake I have ever seen.RIP… Dedication is dead. A hidden message on this cake. 

Best Cake Fails Ever
Cake Fail Humor
Cake Fails - Really Funny
Cake Fails
Cake Humor
Check out this Cake Fail
Fun Cake Fail
Funny Cake Fail - Love This
Funny Cake Fail
Funny Cake Fails - Awesome
Hilarious Cake Fail
Hilarious Cake Fails
I Love A Good Cake Fail
Love a Good Cake Fail
Really Bad Cake Fail
Really Funny Cake Fail
Super Funny Cake Fail
Super Hilarious Cake Fail
Yet another Great Cake Fail

I’m sure some of these people were disappointed with the final product, but I would love to receive a cake that is delivered with a good laugh.

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