These 30 Halloween Dog Costumes Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Dog lovers will pamper their four-legged friends beyond belief, oftentimes treating them just like one of their human children. That type of devotion to man’s best friend has led some people to create and purchase Halloween dog costumes that are just as good as human options.

From a dog dressed like a lobster in a pot, to a Great Dane that looks exactly like Scooby Doo, these Halloween dog costumes will put an immediate smile on your face.

Check out all of the dog and puppy costumes and let us know which one you love the most.

1. Lobster Dog

Lobster Dog Halloween Costume
Via: Pup Style

2. Hot Dog Halloween Costume

Hotdog Halloween Costume
Via: Bad Ass Petz

3. Puppy Horse Harness Racing Costume

Dog Horse Racing Halloween Costume
The Green Head