These 6 Brave Cats Saved Their Owners Lives

Cats are possibly the smartest and most loyal of all family pets. While they often want to be left alone, when it really matters they oftentimes come through in really big ways.

For years, GiveItLove has been following the stories of hero cats who have jumped, meowed, and clawed their ways to their owners in an attempt to save their lives.

From rescue grownups and children from house fires and fending off vicious dogs to literally dialing 911, these cats prove why our feline friends are so amazing.

This Cat Repeatedly Bit Their Owners Until They Woke Up During A House Fire

A family in Canada was saved from a house fire thanks to their brave feline friend. The fire broke out in a Clairmont mobile home in Canada and the family cat woke her owners up.

The fire started at 3:30 am when a mother-of-two and her children were sleeping.

The cat ran into her owner’s bedroom and started to bite her repeatedly.

Firefighters were quickly called to the scene of the fire and they were able to contain the fire, which started at the base of the mobile home.

“It’s pretty interesting to see that it was the cat that did alert them that there was an issue,” County of Grande Prairie fire Chief Trevor Grant told the Edmonton Journal.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News Grant said the family were, “Pretty happy with their cat. The cat woke them up with enough time, if they hadn’t been notified it could have definitely been a different result.”

The cat’s name has not been revealed and the family has asked for their privacy to be protected.

Good job hero cat! Our next feline friend saved a young boy from certain death.