60,000 Very Talented Bees Created This Teapot

Artist Tomáš Libertíny has created the most beautiful teapot I have ever seen. While the structure of the teapot is par for the course, the way it was created is incredibly unique. Libertíny worked with 60,000 honeybees to create the masterpiece which is hard to explain with simple words.

1. The bees just needed to do their regular job while working with a wire frame. 

Teapot Made With Honeybees

2. The wired FramE Was Constructed to Look Like A Regular Teapot.

Honeybee Created Teapot

3. The Bees Were Treated Just Like They Would Be AT A Bee Farm.

4. The Beeswax teapot Was Careful Monitored.

Awesome Honeybee Tea Pot

5. The Final Product Blends In Perfectly With Mother Nature.

Amazing Honeybees Create Teapot

Tomáš Libertíny Is No STranger to Beeswax Creations.

Some Of HIS Amazing Creations Are Even Colored.

You can see more work from the artist on his website.