8 Creatively Designed Cribs That Go Beyond The Ordinary

At Give It Love we can’t get enough uniquely designs baby products, and these creative cribs are no exception.

From a baby sleeper with acrylic sides, to a convertible crib that also serves as a chair and table, these creative cribs are unique, stylish, and incredibly functional.

1. Acrylic Crib

Acrylic Crib
This unique design features a wooden exterior with acrylic sides that offer a unique look. (Source: Sketch 42.)

2. All-In-One Baby Station

This all-in-one station provides a crib, changing table, and plenty of storage for many different baby items. (Source: Snuut.)

3. Baby Bubble

I love a great futurist design and this baby bubble crib fits the mold. The crib is simple, yet functional. (Source: Creative Greed.)

4. Bedside Crib and Travel Cot

This travel tot connects easily to the side of your bed for a safe co-sleeping environment. The design is simple and safe, with easy access to baby. (Source: Not On The High Street.)

5. Eco-Friendly Crib

This crib is incredibly expensive at $2,500, but it’s design standards are impecible. The crib is made out of wool, bamboo, natural latex, and wood from sustainable forests. (Source:New York Times.)

6. Egg-Cellent Crib

This crib isn’t just shaped like a white egg, it also features the option to purchase it in different colors and patterns. (Source:Arqhys.)

7. Moses Crib

This crib is incredibly green, featuring an all natural and organic design. The crib is also naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. (Source: Kiso.)

8. YiAhan Convertible Bassinet

YiAhan Convertible Bassinet
The YiAhan crib turns a crib from a simple sleeping device, into a bin, bookshelf, table, and chair. This might be the only crib on the market that actually grows up with your child, giving them years of continued use. (Source: Inhabitat.)

From super simple designs, to clever cribs that grow with your child, how can you not love these awesome baby cribs.