8-year-old serenades Ellen Degeneres with an Ed Sheeran song then gets a surprise

Ed Sheeran Surprise

Ed Sheeran has become a bonafide hitmaker in the last several years, making his music nearly impossible to avoid.

Kai is an 8-year-old boy who has appeared several times on Ellen Degeneres, serenading last time he was on the show with Bruno Mars.

This time around he calls Ellen his “first girlfriend” before performing the massive hit, “Thinking Out Loud.”

As the song progresses, Sheeran surprised the boy and Kai’s little reaction is adorable.

Ellen told Kai that Sheeran was in the studio but we don’t think it registered with him until the famous singer showed up to cheer on his young fan.  The crowd even cheers as Sheeran walks out, a cheer Kai probably assumed was for him.

Here’s the adorable video.

Sheeran has a habit of showing up to perform for random fans which makes him an even bigger star in our eyes.

Here’s a video of Ed Sheeran performing at a wedding for a deserving couple.

Here’s to hoping more people start acting like Ed Sheeran — the world would be a better place.