People Are Amazed When They Learn Why 91-Year-Old Ruth Hana Spent Years Collecting Pop Tabs

No one knew what Ruth Hana was doing when she’d jump into a dumpster and pull out cans, only to take the pop tab off and throw the can back. She was 91-years-old; it was odd, to say the least.

Little did these people know that Ruth’s collection of pop tabs would help many lives.

People Didn’t Believe In Her At First

When Ruth Hana dug through the trash and hopped into dumpsters without a second thought, on-lookers were confused about her intentions.

TMJ4 News/YouTube
TMJ4 News/YouTube

Ruth wasn’t homeless, and people around town knew who she was. Yet, no one thought to stop in their tracks and ask the older lady what she was doing. They’d soon find out.