This carved graphite train travels through a carpenter’s pencil

Carved train travels through a pencil

Nebraska-based artist Cindy Chinn turned an entire carpenter’s pencil into a train, trestle, and bridge.

“This piece was designed using straight lead pieces for the rails, with the tiny carved train placed and securely glued on top of the rails,” Chinn explains.

“The train engine is only 3/16″ of an inch tall. The pencil is 5-5/8″ long and mounted in a wood shadow box frame as shown in the photos.”

Here’s some perspective on the train’s size.

Here’s the train as it emerges.

It travels the entire length of the pencil’s tunnel.

The detailing is pretty amazing.

Pencil transformed into a train

You can view more of Chinn’s pencil carving work on her website and on Etsy.