A Dalmatian Birth Story Straight Out Of A Disney Movie

Those who’ve had the chance to watch Disney’s One Hundred and One Dalmatians may think that it’s a tale of fantasy, but that wasn’t the case for a Dalmatian named Miley. When it was time for Miley to give birth to her litter, she was in for quite a surprise. Find out what happened to Miley and her puppies and why her birth story resembles One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Meet Cecilia, The Trainer

Some people want to devote their lives to dogs and that is exactly what 43-year-old Cecilia Langton-Bunker did.

Cecilia and Miley on the grass

The Australian native had a special affinity for Dalmatians and even created a whole business surrounding them. With CCDalmatians, Cecilia was able to breed, train, and show Dalmatians for a little under 25 years.