A rescued kitten and orphaned rhino are best friends

A white Rhino named Nandi was just two months old when poachers killed her mother. The poor little baby Rhino was forced to survive on her own and was found eating sand, which damaged her stomach.

Thankfully, the awesome team at The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo, South Africa, came to her rescue.

Once she arrived at the orphanage she made an unlikely friend.

Jamie, the primary caregiver for Nandi, had recently saved a tiny kitten named Mewie. “[The kitten loves to follow me around the orphanage so whenever I’m with Nandi he comes with me. Their friendship began when we started sleeping in the room with Nandi,” Jamie reveals.

“Mewie did not want to be left out so he came and curled up on the bed with us,” Jamie reveals.

“A regular cat might have been afraid of this huge animal but not Mewie. The duo started interacting in Nandi’s room, both growing fond of each other,” she adds.

Now the two friends exercise together and spend their day’s attached at the hips.

“We go for very long walks so that Nandi can get a chance to graze and get some exercise but most of the time Mewie gets tired and then I end up having to carry him back,” Jamie says.

Having both been abandoned at such early ages, it’s no wonder they have come to love each other’s company.

If only we could all learn to embrace each other’s differences like this baby rhino and kitten.