A Stray Dog Enters A Stranger’s Home In The Middle Of The Night

For many families, a home invasion is a person’s worst nightmare. That’s especially true if you have a one-month-old daughter, like couple Emily and Jack Jokinen. But when a stranger entered their home, it wasn’t what they had expected.

When a stray dog entered a family’s home at 4:00 a.m., the family didn’t know what to do. How did the dog get in? Who did she belong to? What were they going to do? Read the story that has banded the internet together to protect this dog.

Intruder Alert

At around 4:00 a.m., Emily Jokinen walked downstairs to fetch a pacifier for her one-month-old daughter. Immediately, she realized that she was not alone. An intruder had walked into her Philadelphia home sometime during the night, and she had no idea how they got in.

A man walks up to someone's door on a security camera.
6abc Philadelphia/YouTube
6abc Philadelphia/YouTube

She immediately woke up her husband, Jack. Expecting the worse, Jack asked her what was wrong. “The baby is fine,” Emily explained, “but there is a puppy in our house.”