A Woman Finds A Lone Cat Clawing At Her Window In Deep Snow

Between 1.2 and 4 million cats do not have a home in Canada. These cats have a hard time in winter, especially in Quebec, which is the world’s fifth snowiest city. One native Quebec woman encountered this problem first-hand on Valentine’s Day, 2020.

The anonymous woman woke up to find a stray cat clawing at her window. But was the cat really a stray? And could the local rescue save this cat from his many ailments? Come along for the heartwarming story about an internet-famous Quebec cat.

A Surprise From The Quebec Snow

Winters get cold in Quebec, Canada. In February, temperatures range from a high of 24°F and a low of 8°F. Some people might be surprised that any animal would walk around outside in that weather. But that surprise was doubled for an anonymous Quebec woman.

A man and woman walk in the snow in Quebec, Canada.

In February 2020, a woman awoke to scratching and meowing sounds. When she followed the noise, she found a cat pawing at her door. The poor, scraggly cat was outside in several inches of snow.