A Baby Elephant Abandoned By Its Herd Was Rescued By The Most Unexpected Source

Animals that travel in herds act as families. If one of them falls behind, they all fall behind to ensure the safety of the individual and the pack. Elephants come together to form some of the world’s most majestic herds, and will do anything to maintain their numbers. Sometimes, though, there is seemingly nothing that can be done in times of trouble. If one member falls behind and gets stuck, then the needs of the many to keep moving outweigh the needs of the one. That’s what almost happened to this helpless baby elephant when he was abandoned by his herd. Can you guess who, or what, unexpectedly saved this abandoned baby elephant and returned him safely to his herd?

It All Started At The Pool

abandoned baby elephant watering hole

For this baby elephant, his day had started just like any other. He lived with his family on the Addo Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa. The herd had stopped at a natural pool to bathe and drink water. It was a perfect day.

The baby elephant began to play when suddenly everything went wrong. Usually, getting a little muddy pond is a good way to cool down in the African heat. But today, he started to sink into the slippery banks of the pool, and when he tried to get out, he became stuck.