The Most Absurd Boat Names In The Harbor

For most boat owners, boating isn’t just a hobby, it’s way of life. Whether they’re fishing, sailing, or throwing each other like rag dolls on the back of a speedboat, it’s no laughing matter. Aside from purchasing the boat, another rite of passage in the seafaring world is naming the boat. This is not something to take lightly either. It’s on par with naming a child because a boat is a reflection of its owner and they want everyone on the dock to know its name. While some boaters take this to heart and name their boat something meaningful, others take a different approach. In true boating fashion, this usually involves being as immature, offensive, or as inappropriate as possible. All aboard!

It’s The House Or The Boat

Is this really even a fair trade for a wife? Although some of us may want the comfort and stability of an actual house, the rest of us would rather feel the wind in our hair on the open ocean. As far as we’re concerned, you can still do almost anything on a boat that you can do in a house.

Photo Credits: boattestdotcom / Instagram
Photo Credits: boattestdotcom / Instagram

Plus, it’s acceptable to have a beer at any time of the day when you’re on a boat. So what do you need a house for?