See How Finding A Forever Home Changed These Pets In Their Before And After Photos

Being adopted by a family that loves them is a huge moment in a pet’s life. It can often mean they escaped from leading a miserable life. It’s crazy the amount of good that having a nurturing environment can have on a pet’s behavior and happiness, but also on their appearance.

Check out these beloved family pets and actually see the difference that a forever home made in their lives. They’re happier, healthier, and filled with a zest for life you just can’t get anywhere else. After reading this go hug your pet.

Weathered A Storm To Win Their Hearts

before and after adoption dog white looks good in after photo
Photo Credit: MCKelly13 / Reddit
Photo Credit: MCKelly13 / Reddit

Someone just abandoned Sammy outside in a storm. He was neglected, matted, and extremely hungry with nowhere to go. That is until Reddit user MCKelly13 and their girlfriend took him in and gave him the love and care he needed.

After it took 4.5 hours to cut his fur and a couple of weeks of ample food and a doggie sister to play with, Sammy is living his best life and looking like it. He’s gone from pauper to prince and he’s not afraid to show it.