Adorable Animals Trying Their Hardest To Act Tough

A picture is worth a thousand words, and even though these pets can’t say what’s on their mind, their expressions say it all. These adorable dogs, cats, and even birds, offer up their most adorable angry faces when they’ve had enough. While they’re trying to intimidate us, all they’re doing is melting our hearts. These adorably tough pets wanted to let their feelings be known, and their owners caught it on camera.

The Disgruntled Akita

Akitas are very animated dogs. Happy, confused, curious… you can tell exactly how they’re feeling based on their facial expressions. They’re extremely affectionate dogs to their owners which is why it’s funny to see this tough girl showing her teeth to her owner.


These dogs may be strong and independent but they’re not known to act out aggressively. This little girl just has a bit of attitude she’s throwing at you.