Endearing Animals Who Couldn’t Stand To Be Parted From Their Favorite Toy

If there’s one thing that is cuter than a furry pet, it’s a furry pet with their favorite toy. Some animals bond with their most adored toy for their entire lives, snuggling up to it from puppyhood to old age. Naturally, these stuffed toys become tattered and torn over time. Loyal owners do their best to patch up the rips and tears while their pets eagerly look on. Keep reading for a heavy dose of cuteness overload with these photos of pets waiting to get their toys back!

His Favorite Toy From Birth

This adorable puppy looks very content snuggling up to his soft toy. The Reddit user who posted this photo wrote that the dog’s breeder was sure to give the favored toy to the owners when they came to pick him up.


They added that even after two months, the little guy still sleeps with this toy “all the time.” We’re willing to bet that this pooch will keep clinging on to the toy for years to come.