Adorable Dogs Who Made The Wedding Party Complete

Flower girls and ring bearers often get all the “awws” from the crowd but lately, they’re not the only ones! Very special dogs have become integral parts of many couples’ weddings. As fur babies are central to many people’s lives, pet-friendly wedding ceremonies have become the new normal in the wedding world.

These perky pups couldn’t be more excited to see their humans tie the knot, especially when they get to play a very important part in the big day! Here’s what happens when dogs join the wedding party.

A Dashing Pup Ready For His Bride’s Big Day

a bride and her best friend at an indian wedding

This gorgeous bride is probably excited that her big day has finally come but she looks even more thrilled that she gets to share it with her best friend! This dog is such a good boy in his traditional Indian wedding wear.

We’d even venture to say that he almost looks better than the bride! But of course, that’s a very hard “almost” because even this pup knows he can’t outshine the bride.