Adorable Pictures That Prove Cats Will Be Cats No Matter How Big They Are

When many people think of big cats, they picture ferocious predators. Big cats are the kings of their terrain, but they’re also adorable and fluffy. These majestic, ruthless animals are still felines, and they act like oversized kitties sometimes.

Leopards sitting in boxes, ocelots playing with toilet paper, cheetahs getting their head stuck–when you see big cats act like house cats, you’ll want one as a pet. See how many similarities there are between feline predators and their tiny domesticated cousins!

If It Fits, He Sits

Leopard sits in a cardboard box.
Pinterest/CuriositiesByDickens | Janet Dickens
Pinterest/CuriositiesByDickens | Janet Dickens

The reputation cats have for sitting in boxes remains true for big cats. Felines sit in boxes because of an instinctual desire to hide from predators. But a jaguar is a predator, so why should he sit in a cardboard box?

The simple answer is that he wants a cozy place to sleep. A cardboard box is a luxury for jaguars at the zoo. Imagine seeing a lithe and ferocious jaguar, but he’s adorably snuggled up in a box.