Adorable Horse Is Reunited With His Favorite Teddy Bear

A Source Of Comfort

An orphaned Dartmoor Hill Pony called Breeze snuggles up with a teddy bear at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Newton Abbot, Devon.
Photo Credit: Mare and Foal Sanctuary / Facebook
Photo Credit: Mare and Foal Sanctuary / Facebook

Breeze very much enjoyed Buttons’ company. There was something about the soft and squishy texture of this teddy that reminded him of his mother. When Breeze was just a few hours old, he wouldn’t leave Buttons’ side. After a few weeks, Breeze found himself only visiting Buttons at nighttime when he returned to his stall after a long day of playing in the field.

As Breeze got older, he didn’t need Buttons anymore, so Buttons went on to comfort other little foals who were in need of some affection.