Adorable Pets Dressed As Your Favorite Star Wars Characters

Adorable pets in adorable costumes are something we can probably all agree we love. But pets dressed as Star Wars characters? That definitely takes it to another level. When it comes to fans of the famed movie franchise, there’s no messing around, and when these fans have animals… well, you can expect that at least for one Halloween, one of them is going to be dressed as Yoda. Here are some of the cutest Star Wars costumes and pets that have worn them. You’ve been warned: There’s a lot of truly adorable stuff coming your way.

The Wisest Jedi Of Them All


We can’t decide if this guy is going for Ol’ Ben or if he’s just the older version of Luke from The Last Jedi, but either way, he looks like the wisest Jedi we’ve ever seen. It might be that very serious expression on his face or how scruffy he is, but he’s definitely giving off some older, wiser Luke vibes — like the kind of Luke that lived all by himself until Rey came to find him.

He definitely looks like he’d be irritated if you disturbed his peace, doesn’t he? Plus, this dog clearly knows all of the Jedi secrets, and there’s no way he’s ever going to tell you.