Adorable Sphynx Photos Prove Just How Cute These Cats Really Are

Sphynx cats have gotten a bad reputation in the animal world. Some people just can’t get over the fact that they’re hairless and don’t look like a normal, fluffy kitten. Sphynx cats have even been bashed in pop culture. Who could forget when Joey from Friends thought Rachel’s sphynx cat was “inside out.”

Well, you have to let the haters hate because these pictures prove just how cute and cuddly sphynx cats are. Just because they’re hairless doesn’t mean they’re not as adorable and cuddly as other cats.

They’re Not Actually From Egypt

sphynx cat 4 big ears

Sphynx cats might have taken their name inspiration from the Sphynx in Egypt, but the first one was actually born in Canada. The hairless breed first appeared in Ontario, Canada in the 1960s as a result of a natural genetic mutation. By the 1970s, two other sets of hairless kittens were born in Toronto and Minnesota and have been carefully bred since.

There is another type of hairless cat called the Donskoy. It looks almost identical to the Canadian Sphynx but it’s a result of a recessive gene, not a mutation.