After 35 Years Of Delivering Mail, Hundreds Came Out To Celebrate Mr. Floyd

When Floyd Martin took a job with USPS 35 years ago, he never knew how much it would change his life. At first, he simply took the job because they offered to pay him double what he was making at the bank. Through snow, rain, heat, and darkness, Floyd delivered mail along the same route for more than three decades.

He finally decided to retire, and his last day on the job was one he’ll never forget. One reporter, Jennifer Brett, followed him for his final route. Check out the heartwarming send-off Floyd received from the community.

Floyd Began His Route In 1984

Floyd Martin graduated from Marietta High School in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1975 and didn’t know what he wanted to do at first. His mother suggested he take the postal service test but it wasn’t until years later that USPS reached out to him.

floyd martin in his usps postal truck

Floyd initially turned the job down since he had already landed a cushy and comfortable job at the local bank. USPS offered to pay him double what he was making at the bank, and he immediately replied: “when do you want me to start?”