After Hurricane Harvey Destroyed The Land, A Calf Pretends To Be Dog To Survive

Many people only recognize cows as the black and white animals who provide us with milk and meat. They make a “moo” noise and eat grass all day. A cow is nothing more than a barnyard animal to most, but recently one of these bovines has started to change that narrative.

A calf born just outside of Houston days after a catastrophe wasn’t supposed to survive. Everything around her was a wreck, but she found one of the most surprising ways to survive the damage.

A Fulshear, Texas Couple Was Caught In Hurricane Harvey

In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the lives of many individuals living in Louisiana, Belize, Nicaragua, Texas, and many more places. City streets and country pastures became flooded in the process and folks like Tammy Canton and her husband were in a bad predicament.

The Dodo/YouTube
The Dodo/YouTube

Canton and her husband were just one of the thousands who had to figure out how to survive this disaster. For them, however, they faced a slightly different situation on top of the hurricane…