After Saving Pennies For 45 Years, This 73-Year-Old Man Decided To Cash Out

Otha Anders had been picking pennies up off the street for 45 long years. One day, he decided it was time to cash in on his findings. As he wheeled a dolly into the bank, stacked with water jugs full of pennies, everyone stared at him.

They had no idea the small fortune he was about to walk out of the bank with. And he certainly didn’t know how much he had, either. We’ll learn the grand total soon, though!

Otha Anders Walked Into A Bank Pulling A Dolly Of Pennies

It had been just a normal day at the bank. Then, Otha Anders walked in, pulling behind him a dolly. Perched on top were water jugs full of coins, pennies he had found on the street and collected throughout the years.

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Perry Riddle/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
Perry Riddle/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Things had certainly just gotten interesting. The banker just stared at Otha, not entirely sure what to do. So, she asked, “How many are there?” Otha had no idea.