After Saving A Tiny Critter On The Street, A Florida Man Had No Clue It Would Grow Into This

Back in 2016, Jeff Longo spotted a distressed critter on the side of the road. It was tiny, alone, and looked to be in trouble. Instead of bringing the creature to a veterinarian, Jeff decided to do something extreme — nurse it back to health.

The thing is, Jeff had no idea what the creature actually was, and he was pretty surprised when it finally grew up.

Jeff Longo Spotted A Tiny Creature On The Sidewalk

During an afternoon walk in Tampa, Florida, native Jeff Longo spotted something on the sidewalk. It was furry, tiny, and seemed to be in a world of pain with the blistering hot street being pounded by the heat of the sun.

Jeff Longo/Reddit
Jeff Longo/Reddit

It didn’t look too good for the critter. So, Jeff did something other people most likely wouldn’t think to do. He decided it was up to him to save the creature, whatever it was.