Amazing Animals Of The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is full of beauty and mystery. The animals that call it home are no different. Some hide under the surface of the glistening water, waiting to ambush their prey. Others display vibrant colors while nesting in the trees. These are the best pictures of the majestic wildlife of the Amazon rainforest. You won’t believe what one caterpillar has to do to scare off predators!

The Pink River Dolphin Needs Our Help

pink river dolphin.jpg

Photo Credit: Mark Carwardine / Barcroft Media / Getty Images

Playing in the waters of the Amazon here is the rare pink nose dolphin. The native mammal can grow up to eight feet, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one.

Living in remote parts of the Amazon, scientists believed the animal is endangered. They have yet to find a large enough community to take a population consensus. Don’t lose hope, though. Throughout this article, you’ll learn about conservation efforts to save animals rainforest wide!