Check Out The Amazing Portraits This Author Creates With Only A Typewriter

Rio de Janeiro-based artist Álvaro Franca loves to create portraits of his favorite people using nothing more the keys of a typewriter.

In his new Typewritten series, Franca “drew” five of his favorite authors, including Jack Kerouac, J.D. Salinger, and Charles Bukowski.

As someone who can barely draw a stick figure, I’m incredibly impressed with what this author can do with a bunch of keystrokes.

Typewriter Portrait
Creating A Typwriter Portrait

The entire process takes a good deal of planning to execute just right. The artist works between his Macbook and a typewriter. 

Really Cool Literary Author - Typewriter Portrait

Charles H Bukowski - Typewriter Portrait
Clarice Lispector - Typewriter Portrait
Jack Kerouac - Typewriter Portrait
JD Salinger - Typwriter Portrait
Joe Saramago - Typewriter Portrait
Literary Author Typewriter Portrait
The project began when Franca was studying at the Cambridge School of Art. He plans to soon add five more faces to the project.

If you are intrigued by the typewriter portraits, you can view more on the artists’ website and on web portal Behance.