Amazing Celebrities Who Give Back To Their Communities

Celebrities are often known for their charitable donations. Whether they’re NBA superstars, Hollywood actresses or chart-topping singers, charity work doesn’t discriminate, and the world’s biggest celebrities frequently donate or spend their free time volunteering with charitable organizations that are important to them.

There are the classic organizations that many celebrities choose to be involved with such as UNICEF or the Red Cross, but some celebrities choose to spend their time and money a little closer to home. LeBron James, Tyler Perry, Eminem — they’re all giving back to their hometowns, and here’s how.

Kawhi Leonard

Los Angeles Clippers small forward and California-native Kawhi Leonard announced that he would be partnering with the non-profit Baby2Baby in an effort to donate 1 million backpacks to lower-income families. The backpacks will specifically go to children in the Southern California’s Inglewood, Los Angeles, and Moreno Valley Unified School Districts, among others.

celebrities in attendance at baby2baby charity event
Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Baby2Baby
Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

It’s reported that this donation will ensure that every single student in those districts will be given a new backpack at the beginning of the school year.