Amputees Who Are A Testament To The Strength Of The Human Spirit

For most of us, having all of our limbs intact and functioning is something that we take for granted. Most of the time, we don’t even think about it. However, not all people have this luxury. Whether they were born without certain limbs or lost them due to an accident, sickness, or war, it forever changed their lives. Many people may get hung up on the unfairness of life and sulk about their condition, while some refuse to let it affect their quality of life. These are the people that don’t have all of their limbs, yet lead happier lives than some of us who have all four.

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Paola Antonini Still Wows With Her Prosthetic Leg


Photo Credits: paolo_antonini / Instagram

On the morning of Christmas Eve 2014, Brazilian model Paolo Antonini was packing her car to head to Rio de Janeiro with her boyfriend. She was then struck by a drunk driver, resulting in the loss of her left leg. Although doctors attempted to save her leg on four occasions, they ended up having to amputate below her knee and again above her knee.

However, she didn’t let her accident stop her from continuing her modeling career or becoming an inspiration for other amputees. She proudly sports her prosthetic on the runway, in public, and all over social media. She now has over 607,000 Instagram followers and receives endless comments from those who admire her spirit and ability to overcome misfortune.