A husband’s illustrations for his wife perfectly capture love’s simplest moments

Andrew Hou isn’t good at expressing his love for his wife with words. To make sure she realized how much he loves her, he decided to use his art skills in a really loving and touching way.

Through his work, Andrew says he hopes to give viewers a greater appreciation for the small moments in life that are just as important as some of our bigger and more memorable moments.

H-J Story

“We’re all so busy and caught up in everything that we forget about the little moments that are important — myself included,” he told The Huffington Post. “Drawing HJ-Story for me is not only to capture the moments of a relationship, but to remind me of the little moments that are easily forgotten.”

Here are some of his adorable illustrations about love.

H J Love Story
Love Is
H J Story Love is
Love is picking your partner up when they are down
Love has no speed limit
Love is - an illustration
Love is - Comic
Love is learning what makes your partner happy

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