Pictures Of Animal Parents That Perfectly Sum Up What We’ve All Felt About Parenting

It’s not often we see ourselves so perfectly in our animal counterparts, but these worn-out and exasperated pet parents will definitely have you saying “I’ve been there” as you’re reading. All these worn-out critters need is a good 8 hours of sleep and a little privacy. Just like us. They’ll probably never get theirs, either. Ah, the joys of parenting.

No, Let Me Just Get It. You’re Not Helping.

What’s more chaotic than a kid on a destructive rampage? A kid on a helping spree. Though they have really good and sweet intentions, they’re really making everything worse when they try and help their parents. We all know what the kitchen looks like when they try and cook you breakfast in bed.

cat and kitten stretching up counter
Photo Credit: QuackMcDuck / Imgur
Photo Credit: QuackMcDuck / Imgur

This little kitten saw that her dad was trying to steal food from the counter so she decided she’d help as well. The only problem is she’s a little short and she’s going to get their cover blown. Quick, act purrfectly natural.